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Latest Bundesliga Kit 18-19, game crashes

Latest Bundesliga Kit 18-19, game crashes
« am: Januar 28, 2019, 17:53:16 Nachmittag »

First of, I wanna thank you for all the shirts trough the years, I really enjoy them. Big thanks too all who makes them.

Now, to the problem. I downloaded the latest Bundesliga 1 and Bundesliga 2 shirts and noticed that the game crashes when I play 3D mode. It only does when I pick up some german team from BL1 or BL2. I thought first it had something to do with FIFA stadiums, so I removed them, but the problem remains. If I choose some english, italian, portugese, spanish team the game is ok and dosen't crash but as soon I pck Hoffenheim, Wolfsburg, Hertha or whatever german team the game crashes if I choose the 3D game mode to watch the game.
 I have two computers and I know that the game worked great on both of them, but after I installed the latest Bundeliga kits the game crashes on the both computers and at the same step, the 3D mode. So, it has to do something with the latest kits. Does anybody else have the same issue?

I tried to install some older kits from 17/18 or 16/17 season but the problem is still there, maybe somwhere in the background or in some folder the kits from 18/19 season is still there. Anybody have a solution to my problem?